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Wrecker Service Advisory & Appeals Board

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Board Contact

Ron Hutnon
Chief Marshal

Additional Information

Code of Ordinance:
Article II, Section 66-51

Established for the purpose of hearing complaints or charges against any approved wrecker service assigned to a zone through the County Marshal’s office; may also recommend from time to time changes with respect to the fee schedule and any proposed changes in the Ordinance. The County Marshal’s office is responsible for the enforcement of the Wrecker Service Ordinance

Current Board Members

  • Irwin, Dennis
    December 31, 2018
    Chairman Buzz Ahrens
  • Weaver, Johnny
    December 31, 2018
    District 1 Commissioner West
  • Daniel, Jason
    December 31, 2020
    District 2 Commissioner Gunnin
  • Green, Marshall
    December 31, 2018
    District 4 Commissioner Gordon
  • Carbetta, Carlo
    Expires December 31, 2020
    District 3, Commissioner Kovacs
Terms run concurrent with appointing Commissioner's term
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