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Board of Ethics

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Code of Ordinance:
Article II Code of Ethics

Georgia Code:
Act 273, HB 631 Amendment

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The Board of Ethics was established by local legislation for the purpose of serving as a "guardian" for the Board of Commissioners and other public officials within Cherokee County. The ‘Public Officials” over whom the Board oversight responsibility are listed in the 2016 Amendment to HB 631. The makeup of the Board of Ethics is proscribed in Article II, Section 9 of the Municipal Code.

To file or discuss an ethics complaint, please contact the chair or another board member listed below or send an email to which will send a note to all members of the Board of Ethics.

You may also communicate with the Board of Ethics by mail at Cherokee County Board of Ethics, 1130 Bluffs Parkway, Canton, GA 30114.

Steps for Filing a Proper Ethics Complaint

General Rules of Procedure

Current Board Members

  • Roberts, Gaylen
    Chair / Board Contact
    Democrat Term expires January 2023
    Board of Commissioners
  • Dodge, Phillip
    Vice Chair
    Republican Term expires January 1, 2025
    Board of Commissioners
  • Divine, Stephen (Steve)
    Seven Years, Expires January 2024
    Chairman Ahrens
  • Green, Natalie
    Democrat Term Expires January 1, 2022
    Board of Commissioners
  • Howard, Gil
    Fax: 770-928-9682
    Republican Term expires January 2024
    Board of Commissioners
  • Wilder, Pat
    Republican Expires January 1, 2020
    Chairman Ahrens
  • Mrozinski, Lawrence
    Expires January 2025
    Board of Commissioners
  • Beggs, Phillip
    Board Attorney - Moore Ingram Johnson & Steele
  • Shoop, Laura
    Secretary to Board of Ethics
Terms are for seven years.
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