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Stormwater Management

Ben Morgan, PE, CFM
County Engineer

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Floodplain Information

Revised Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM) were issued by FEMA on June 7, 2019.   Lenders and mortgage brokers are notified of the map revision by FEMA and are now informing their current borrowers about changes in flood insurance requirements. Citizens can find answers to frequently asked questions about the National Flood Insurance Program, FIRM changes, and flood insurance requirements at https://www.floodsmart.gov/flood-insurance/requirements.  

Citizens can review the current FIRM maps here: FEMA map service Center Link

Floodsmart.Gov Website Link

The floodsmart link contains great information on flooding and flood risks, the National Flood Insurance Program, Residential Coverage, Commercial Coverage, Policyholder Resources, frequently asked questions, etc.  

Please also refer to our Flood Damage and Prevention Ordinance for detailed information such as finished floor elevation requirements.  The link is below. 

Floodplain Ordinance

Floodplain Map Information Service Summary Link

Have a floodplain inquiry?  Please include one of the following: street address, or parcel ID, or tax  ID number in an email to [email protected].  You may also call at 678-493-6074 or drop by our administrative offices at the address below.

 You may also visit our GIS website to access the online map which shows floodplain delineations.  The link to the online map is under the resources tab on the left: https://www.cherokeega.com/GIS/

You may also visit FEMA's map service center at the following link:


Also, Georgia EPD has floodmap information:


Ben Morgan, PE, CFM
Cherokee County Engineering 
1130 Bluffs Parkway
Canton, GA 30114
Direct: 678-493-6074
Fax:  678-493-6088
[email protected]

Andrea Yager
Cherokee County Engineering
1130 Bluffs Parkway
Canton, GA 30114
Direct: 678-493-6060
Fax:  678-493-6088
[email protected]


 Cherokee County Future Conditions Floodplain

Cherokee County has implemented the requirements set forth in the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s (MNGWPD) Measure 5.B.2regarding a future conditions floodplain.  An independent engineering consultant, Integrated Science and Engineering, Inc. (ISE), prepared the hydrology study for the future conditions floodplain.  This study included all streams with drainage areas exceeding 100 acres in Cherokee County except the Etowah River, Little River, Long Swamp Creek, Shoal Creek, Solacoa Creek, and Sharp Mountain Creek.  The water bodies not included in the study have drainage basins exceeding 640 acres and were not required to be studied by the MNGWPD; Cherokee County utilizes the 500 year- FEMA floodplains for these systems.

ISE analyzed all the stream basins mentioned above based on Cherokee County’s future land use map.  Future land use maps from Forsyth, Dawson, Pickens, Bartow, Cobb, and Fulton counties were also employed in the analysis since some of the stream basins extend into those areas.  Ground coverage from these maps was used to generate flows and 100-year floodplain elevations at cross-sections along the streams.  The elevations are based on Cherokee County LiDAR topography within ArcGIS, and HEC-RAS procedures.  


September 2009


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