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Stormwater Management

Ben Morgan, PE, CFM
County Engineer

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Where To Recycle

 HOW  and WHERE to RECYCLE and dispose of Hazardous Materials:

 Cherokee Co Recycling Center    



Hazardous Material should be taken to an approved landfill.  Citizens should check with Waste Management for information and locations: https://www.wm.com/us/en/drop-off-locations


            Earth911            Clean Water Campaign



 How Does Recycling Help Prevent Stormwater Pollution?

Common forms of litter (or trash) include aluminum cans, plastic bags and bottles, paper products, used food containers and more. Litter can collect on top or inside of storm drains causing potential flooding by not allowing water to enter fast enough during a storm. Smaller debris can wash into storm drains that drain into rivers, lakes, and streams.

When litter is washed into creeks and streams, it can harm aquatic life. Small amounts of litter from your home or neighborhood add up to a big problem when it comes from an entire metro area. This pollution can have harmful effects on drinking water supplies, recreational use, and wildlife. By recycling, not only are you helping to keep litter from blocking storm drains and getting into waterways, but you are also helping to reduce the amount of trash going to landfills.

Christmas Tree Recyling:


Sixes Road Home Depot Store Allows Drop of Christmas Trees for Recycling Beginning January 4th, 2019:  4520 Holly Springs Pkwy, Canton, GA 30115


2019 Bring One for the Chipper Locations by County



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