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Tax Commissioner's Office

News and Announcements

The City of Holly Springs residents county fire tax that is usually collected by the City of Holly Springs will be collected by the County Tax Commission for 2023.  In 2024 the fire tax will be included with the City of Holly Springs tax bill as it has been in the past.

Posted: Sep-12-2023 | view story

Millage Rates

2022 Millage Rates

County M&O    4.995

  School M&O      16.450

 School Bond    1.500 

  Fire                 2.984

    Parks Bond       .354    


2021 Millage Rates

County M&O     5.212

School M&O     18.200

School Bond     1.250

County Fire       3.292

Park Bond          .434

Unincorporated        28.388


2020 Millage Rates

County M&O      5.212

School M&O     18.450

School Bond       1.00

Fire                 3.292

Park Bond         .461

Unincorporated     28.415


2019 Millage Rates

County M&O      5.216

School M&O      18.450

School Bond         1.00

Fire                    3.269

Park Bond             .480

Unincorporated   28.415


2018 Millage Rates

County M&O                  5.366

School M&O                 18.950

School Bond                    .500

Fire                               3.269

Park Bond                        .503

Unincorporated               28.588


2017 Millage Rates

County M&O                     5.483

 School M&O                  18.950

School Bond                      .500

Fire                                  3.298

Park Bond                         .581

Unincorporated              28.812


2016 Millage Rates

State                                   .000

County M&O                     5.680

School M&O                    19.450

Fire                                     3.374

Park Bond                            .609

Unincorporated                  29.113


2015 Millage Rates

State                                  .050

County M&O                    5.720

Fire                                   3.436

Park Bond                          .744

School M&O                   19.450

Unincorporated               29.400

Incorporated                    25.964


2014 Millage Rates

State                                 .100

County M&O                    5.728

Fire                                   3.436

Park Bond                           .744

School M&O                     19.450

Unincorporated                 29.458

Incorporated                      26.002


2013 Millage Rates     

State                                 .150

County M&O                   5.798

Fire                                 3.373

Park Bond                        .776

School M&O                 19.450

School Bond                     .400

Unincorporated             29.947

Incorporated                 26.574


     2012 Millage Rates

State                                 .200

County M&O                   5.825

Fire                                 3.394

Park Bond                         .780

School M&O                  19.450

School Bond                      .400

Unincorporated              30.049

Incorporated                   26.665


     2011 Millage Rates

State                                  .250

County M&O                    5.365

Fire                                  3.129

Park Bond                         .641

School M&O                  19.450

School Bond                      .400

Unincorporated              29.235

Incorporated                   26.106


       2010 Millage Rates

State                                   .250

County M&O                     4.720

Fire                                    2.950

Park Bond                           .628

School M&O                    19.450

School Bond                        .400

Unincorporated                28.398

Incorporated                    25.448

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